Pieter De Clercq °1976

pieterjddeclercq (at) gmail [dot] com 


2017  -  2018   Laureate HISK, Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Gent (BE)

2007 - 2009   Master in Fine Arts, KASK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Gent (BE)

2004 - 2007   Bachelor in Fine Arts, KASK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Gent (BE)



27 09 2019 Double Sunset @ 2m3, Molenbeek (BE)


2019   Sculpture For The Shitty, Nieuwevaartbrug, Gent (BE)   


2019 Curfew, KASK, Gent (BE) 2019 The Eye of the Beholder, Resting on the Shoulder: An Attempt for Extreme Precautions, Gent (BE) 2019 Coincidences @ platvvorm, Deinze (BE) 2019 Among Layers, Plagiarama, Brussel (BE) 2019 Stock, KASK, Gent (BE) 2019 Noli Me Tangere, Abbattoirs de Bomel, Namur (BE)

2018   SHOW ME TOMORROW, WE WILL GO THERE, Final Show HISK, Leopoldskazerne, Gent (BE) 2018 Circumstances 50°59'20.5"N 3°31'37.4"E Platvvorm & croxhapox, Deinze (BE) 2018 ALL YOU NEED IS THE LAVATORY : FOOD MATTERS (BE) 2018 Gezelschap, Gent (BE) 2018 Atelier 34zero Muzeum, Jette (BE) 2018   Burgfestspiele, Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein, Ulm (DE)                                                                  2018   MOLECULE, BL!NDMAN & HISK, deSingel, Antwerpen (BE)                                                                2018   PRAGMATISM AND SELF-ORGANISATION, IKOB, Eupen (BE)                                                                     2018   SOFT ELEMENTS OF SOME VIOLENT TENDENCIES, kunsthal extra city, Antwerpen (BE)                  2018   Chemische Verankering Voor Het Bos, Het Bos, Antwerpen (BE)

2017   Can I trust the bank to water my plants? (Trust is a mood, bareley an emotion), ING Gent (BE)                

2016   AITP, cooperation with Middelheimmuseum, Beerzel (BE)

2015   … Uitkijken Ook, BLANCO, Gent (BE)
2015   LLexit, Antwerp (BE)
2015   The Tribe That Hides From DOK, BLANCO, Gent (BE)
2015   Hammertime, A & P, Gent (BE)

2014   Guest House, SECONDroom, Gent (BE)
2014   Middle Gate Geel ’13, Geel (BE)

2013   There Are Stories…, Gent (BE)

2012   Cumming People, Gent (BE)
2012   They Spit Together Like A Puzzle, Lokeren (BE)

2011    Bad Surfers Have Great Sex, Studio K, Gent (BE)

2010   Beelhouwkunst, Muziekcentrum Bijloke, Gent (BE)
2010   Young Force, Leuven (BE)

2009   Coming People: Forwarding Backyards, S.M.A.K., Gent (BE)
2009   Wikken en Vegen, croxhapox, Gent (BE)
2009   BILD, Campo, Gent (BE)

2008   Crox 240, Instalraam, Gent (BE)

2007   Ch Ch Ch Changes, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (NL)
2007   Objecten en Ingrepen, croxhapox, Gent (BE)